Karen and I have been beating the earth since 9:30am this morning. I’m bushed. (ha ha). I ripped out a hillside of sod, transplanted tribble-like grass bundles, transplanted a yellow-green cedar bush thingy, and dropped 4 or so trees into the ground. Somewhere in there I busted our pitchfork (bent it all out of whack), purchased a new one, and got the wheelbarrow’s wheel refilled with air at the filling station.

But hey, I’ve pics too.

The new front area – those lovely “drafts” of grassy tribble tufts are Karen’s design. She just told me which ones to “move” and which ones to “remove”. Removing, by the way, is MUCH easier.

The corner-on shot. If you’ve seen that corner recently, you’d realize that it has been completely denuded of grasses and sod. The vast majority of which Karen did. I just finished ripping some off. And the frontice-piece for the yard – that cute little cherry tree.

A little better closeup of that cherry tree. It’ll take a few years to grow in well, but I think it’s going to be a winner for the patio.

And Karen’s favorite pick – the mountain hemlock. I’m actually a little worried about how well it’ll do, but it definitely looks nice.

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2 thoughts on “bushed

  1. Looks like you cut back on the type of grass that needs mowing…thats always a good thing.

    I planted some dianthus and impatiens this weekend and starting hauling mulch up to the new flowerbed site…that will be my ‘after work’ project this week.


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