Two things I didn’t do at mind camp

Well, there are certainly more than two – but two that are sticking out now – a couple of hours later. The first is something that Ryan Davis noted in the feedback – there wasn’t anyone hacking on code at 3am. And looking back, I didn’t hack any code at all during the un-conference. This was far more a discussion type event than a hack-together thing. Ryan found that a tad disappointing, but I took it as a positive sign on the diversity and attention on other people. I enjoy hacking with other folks, but I didn’t miss it.

And there was a session that I didn’t do anything about which I sort of regret passing on. I kept thinking I’d like to have a short discussion about storytelling and computing – and how you could make a good ‘story’ experience for 15 to 20 people where they all were their own main characters. Not the whole MMORPG thing, but something a lot smaller – more focused, and maybe just revolving around you and your friends. Of course, there’s always the Mind Camp 3.0…. so maybe in November.

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