Windows Live “webmail” at MU?

My alma mater Mizzou is embarking on an interesting run… From an article that a friend pushed my way, they’re going to be engaging in a trial of using windows live webmail for all the students – basically outsourcing the email to Microsoft. The article has more details, but it’s definitely interesting.

I’m not sure myself what I would think of that. For a short while, I even ran the mail system there – it ran on my unix machines before they made a whole-hog migration to using exchange for students. Its no easy task, there’s no doubt.

For all the lockin potential, I suspect they won’t get all that much business over a longer period of time. They’ll be competing with Yahoo and Google – and frankly already are. I expect almost every student has a seperate email account simply because of the administration’s policies and the student’s desire to “do their own thing”.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out though.

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One thought on “Windows Live “webmail” at MU?

  1. Hmmm… interesting indeed. Not all that long ago I read in various places that Microsoft was trying to partner with over 200 schools and universities to provide email. I guess the Google partnership with San Jose State got Microsoft worried.

    Not sure how I feel about that either……


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