burlap and paper

Ok, I thought I was done at 3pm today.

I mostly was. I came back inside, laid down and iced up my neck, and took it easy. About 5pm, I checked on Karen and she looked like she was winding down – planting the variety of green critters we purchased today in our plant shopping trip. So I took some more ibuprofen, laid down and passed out for a while.

When I got back up, it was 7:30 and Karen wasn’t around. I checked outside and she’d continued to churn away and was pitching compost again. She had finished the planting and laid down paper and burlap over 2/3 of the slope, and she was dragging… So I slipped on some shoes, grabbed a shovel and we made quick work of slinging around a bit more compost together to cover the paper and burlap (I’ve been told it’s a weed barrier). It does look pretty damn good, I have to admit.

Just picking up the shovel again to sling some light compost made me realize that I will be paying for all that shovel work in the very near future. Karen, I think, will be paying twice what I’m going to – at least for putting in nearly 7 hours of solid work out there today.

I’m not sure where the sun was – it certainly didn’t make much of an appearance, but the cool air was nice for the hauling and shoveling. And it didn’t rain – which we’re expecting for tomorrow.

There’s still a fairly large pile of compost on the front corner, spilling into the sidewalk. I expect this week will include periodic bouts of shifting that about and covering whatever else Karen does with the whole paper and burlap weed barrier thingy.

Four cubic yards is a LOT of compost. I was offering it to any neighbor that happened by until Karen glared at me once to often. I suspect we’ll have more than enough for anything that we need…

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