full sun and a laptop screen

There are days (and this is one) that I really wish I could view my laptop screen in the full sun. It’s nice outside, ya know? And I’d like to lounge around on the patio and do a little surfing of the internet at the same time.

Alas, the full sun washes out the display on my iBook so badly that it’s just impossible to use. You always see those advertising pictures of the dude working with his laptop on the beach… that’s just so much crap – you can’t see a damn thing. Maybe it’s just meant to look like he’s working though… hmmm… hadn’t thought of that.

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One thought on “full sun and a laptop screen

  1. another piece of advertising crap is the young 20-something up-and-coming with-it-and-cool person sitting cross-legged on the floor and hacking into his/her laptop that is balanced on their lap.

    that’s good for about 5 minutes. then you want a chair and a flat surface.


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