dot and graphViz

I spent some of today playing around with generating “dot” files for use in Graphviz. It was mutually amusing, frustrating, and ultimately enlightening.

Graphviz is a bit of an open-source standard for laying out and displaying directed and non-directed graphs, but there’s still a lot of things it doesn’t do. I’m that at least some of that ‘lack’ is simply me not knowing how to tweak it out to perform… after a morning of fiddling and reading the docs (yeah, I admit it – I actually read them…) I still don’t know how to make graphs that splay out like one of their examples. And yeah, I know there’s a dot file there for me to view, tweak, etc.

On the flip side of all this, I’m back to being reasonably comfortable with recursive function calls. It was how I was parsing my data structure out into those dot files.

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