fiddling with Ads

No, I’m not going Ad sponsored for this blog – I’m just fiddling with Google’s advertising mechanism to see what it’s all about. I don’t think I even have a significant enough readership to drive anything more than a few pennies through Ads on my personal blog, but you never know about something else.

I’ve thought several times of doing a little more online publishing of articles, tips & tricks, etc. A good “how to” is a damn handy thing, you know. And its not like there isn’t a need for content. I used to try and publish in magazines and the periodic on-line site (OReillyNet actually) – and that worked out well, but I wonder if I couldn’t do something edited just by myself and a few friends and get away with making enough pennies to support the hosting.

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Joe has broad software engineering development and management experience, from startups to large companies. Joe works on projects ranging from mobile to multi-cloud distributed systems, has set up and led engineering teams and processes, as well as managing and running services. Joe also contributes and collaborates with a wide variety of open source projects, and writes online at

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