Staring at the blob

Today is one of those days where I’m digging into a sticky, pervasive problem. It has its little tendrils everywhere, and it is the kind of problem where you just have to get up, stomp around the room a bit, and try to figure out how to attack it.

I’ve been peeling back the edges, and it is just one of those goopy things. The overall issue is really about process, procedure, and a touch of culture. Part of it is technical too – and there is a whole balancing act of flexibility vs. complexity to get into as well. The worst part is that the whole thing is rather nebulous.

I have been tackling it by writing down goals, defining edges, to the problem. That seems to be getting me somewhere. I’m thinking sort of “hedge it in” and then chop it up into smaller, more managable issues.

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2 thoughts on “Staring at the blob

  1. Risk Assessment! Don’t forget yer risk assessment.
    Sorry..delving into Team Systems pretty heavily this week, and trying to define some processes.
    Also, having some defined risks help me avoid getting sucked into the abyss of a PFH (project from Hell) just the other day.


  2. Risk assessment!? Shit, I’m going into this knowing that it’s about breaking the eggs and making an omlette. It’s a six year old structure that I’ll be tearing up to replace with something to hopefully speed things up and make things more clear.

    Heh – all that without saying what I was tearing up.


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