MySQL Administrator on MacOS X

Very cool…. I just pulled down a copy of MySQL Administrator from VersionTracker (it showed up in the feed, and I clicked it out on a whim). And what does your standard Mac geek do upon downloading the freeware, but start poking into the application package.

Turns out the guys include a framework – MySQLToolsCommon.framework – with a bunch of included headers! How cool is that?! I wonder (I haven’t looked) if they make something like this available in source form…

Some of the more interesting header names: MSQLSyntaxColoring.h (Created by Alfredo Kojima on 5/20/05), MMySQLDispatcher.h (same dude, july 2004), and MTreeDataSource.h (also july 2004). There’s also some GPL’d unix headers in there on which other parts are based.

I don’t know that they’ve done any other nifty wrappers – but I thought that was kinda neat.

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