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I’m heading to OSCON and WWDC this year – and the timing looks like I’ll be in Portland for a week at OSCON, home a week, and then gone again for a week at WWDC.

It’s been nearly three years since I made it to OSCON, and the first time I went I was curious, but wasn’t sure about it. I’m really looking forward to hitting it this year, both for the sessions and just to get back to Portland. The conference in 2003 was really great, and I’m looking forward to the same once again. Still need to arrange the whole hotel thing, but that should be pretty straightforward.

Then it’s WWDC, and yep – I did the Select Membership thing with it too. Ironically, I received an email blast from Apple last night with Wil Shipley’s mug splattered over the front. Ah well – I decided to go anyway. I still have to get down to the Apple store and check out the MacBook keyboard though…

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3 thoughts on “Conferences

  1. I’m planning to sign up for both as well in the next week. I’ve never been to WWDC and can’t wait to go. OSCON is a good conference. And this year should be better because I’m going to go just to attend and not to work!


  2. Dude… if you’re coming down here for WWDC, we just might have to hook up. Rumor has it that the other Ryan will be here as well… Little Mizzou get together?


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