another web-based bug tracking application

Jesse is posting a nice series (if you’re into anyway) on building a web application – unfortunately, the example he’s giving is yet another web-based bug tracking application.

The problem is that his series is too good – I have this sort of terrible fear that in the next few years we’re going to see a proliferation of these “intern made” bug tracking systems that don’t integrate with crap, even though it all seems like it’s oh so possible.

Please, please – pick a different app next time. There’s plenty of really awesome bug tracking applications out there. Frankly, the world doesn’t need many more of those. What they need – what would be FAR better – is some good test case management software. Try that one! It’s a real pain… And the best in open source test case management is lacking much competition… give them a run for their money. We could use the competition there.

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