Memorial Day Weekend – Merlin, Oregon

Way more pics than are reasonable to post to a blog entry, so I picked a few and figured I’d point you all at Flickr for the rest.

Another one of those jetboats hurtling by at 80mph – this is just off land that Karen’s family owns on the Rogue River, upstream a bit from Dunn Riffle.

Speaking of the crew – here’s Karen, Pat, and Bill – all set for watching the upcoming maniacs on the river.

It was a long course for the race, and we followed the next day in a jetboat excursion (hellgate excursions) like this one, tearing around between races. In particular, we did the whitewater excursion – which was the entire length of the course and all area that I’d rafted on – but never all at once.

And while you’re out there, you might as well take a pic of the other excursion boat that is tearing around nearby. They do a really good job of spotting and watching the river for folks – but then you really need to when you’re heading through rapids at 30+ mph.

A couple of pics from the boat along the Rogue River.

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