“Select” member… ADC

Sounds kind of like a special buy of fruit at the grocery, doesn’t it. But it’s not – it’s more geeky than that. Recently I signed up to head to WWDC and purchased an ADC Select membership with the ticket. Figured it would be a good combined buy.

Today I just received this rather monster package in the mail from Apple – a developer connection DVD and a copy of MacOS X 10.4.6. And of course the vast majority of this critter is packaging. For the space of 2 cd’s, the packaging is something like 1 1/2″ x 8″ x 14″. Quite something. Haven’t a clue where I’m going to put it. To be honest, I think I’ll break it down and recycle it. Neat to see, but way more packaging than I need to take up space with on my shelves. Not to mention a damned akward size.

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