short week, but highly focused

It’s been one of those highly focused weeks. Really highly focused – and yes, that means probably far more sedentary as a result as well. But events this week have really been keeping me popping. Not in a bad way, just real attentive.

I’ve reminded myself several times this week to keep flexible to view points that would otherwise be foreign, and not to make snap judgements. I’m also in a longer running project that is just going to take time to get all completed – and I’m reminded of a mantra that Ralph Caruso used to use at MU: “Inch by inch, life’s a sinch”. (Ralph was the CIO for the Unversity system – while I didn’t work directly for him, he was always great for asking a question or subtley steering me around a bit). I’ve converted that mantra into “small wins, constant movement” with this project. And that has been working really well for me.

Ed Mahon – now there’s a different story. I would never work for that man again for any amount of money.

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