missing words

Good lord, what’s wrong with me? For whatever reason, words for common things are just completely escaping me. It’s really beginning to get slightly infuriating – It’s that tip of the tongue thing – you feel like it’s just right there, you can describe things about it, but you just can’t say the damn word. Like some backchannel in my brain just isn’t making the connection.

And then, every now and than, someone says it – and it’s like *BANG* “YES! That’s It!”.

What’s up with that?

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5 thoughts on “missing words

  1. Oh my heavens…that birthday had its toll on you. It’s called “getting older!” Welcome to a very large club…….


  2. ….and that very large club keeps hitting you in the head, making you lose more and more words….


  3. But don’t worry boys. AARP is right around the corner. (I told you that it was a very large club, and Nat, notice that it’s reduced to initials……. you do lose more words, but you keep the initials)


  4. I think it used to have more initials than that, didn’t it? These are the only ones left.


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