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In addition to a little shooting of planes, I have also been reading a bit. I found a copy of V for Vendetta (Vertigo Comics) at Queen Anne Ave Books and brought it home the other day. Just finished it yesterday too. I enjoyed the movie they made from the comics, and as you might imagine the comic was more indepth and had a slightly different plot. The movie rendition did it fair justice I think. It’s one that I think I’ll buy at some point – if nothing else than for the dialogue, which I thought was exquisite.

Vertigo also has my attention with Y: The Last Man. It’s a pretty engrossing tale that Leah has caught me up into. I’m not through with the first book, but it won’t be long. And then I guess there’s 6 more to go.

Some time ago I’d become caught in Books of Magic, and have all those novels buried in my shelves. Just looking at the Vertigo site tonight let me know there were a couple more that I hadn’t yet collected… hmmm…

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  1. Boy, are you in luck! I just ordered the Vol. 2-7 of Y: The Last Man. So there’s a healthy chunk of your summer reading. Or if you like, I can hog them all and you can take them with you on vacation in September.

    So why doesn’t Amazon show you a page that lists an entire series, let you checkbox the ones you want, and offer stronger discounts as you order more volumes from a series at one time, hmm?


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