Postgres, Django, and MacOS X 10.4/intel

Well, I’ve got to say it’s been interesting getting things sync’d with doing Django development on the new MacBookPro.

I’d really hoped to take advantage of the great work that PythonMac has done with their packages, but in the end it was darwinports that got me down the road. I suppose I just should have expected that, but I wanted to try. In the end, I’ve installed Postgres twice (same version, just different places on the hard drive) so I’ve some cleanup yet to do…

There’s been a decent thread on the Django-user’s mailing list about getting everything set up. Turns out the lynchpin of the whole set is really the psycopg 1.1 package – it’s sort of a pain to compile, and DarwinPorts makes it so smooth if you do it all with them… You just type:

“sudo port install subversion”
“sudo port install py-psycopg”

It all falls into place from there. I still have yet to install the Django component bits, but it’s coming along nicely with the basics. Between installing Subversion (why doesn’t MacOS X include this anyway?) and the postgres/python library, here’s what I’ve got:

apr @1.2.7_0 (active)
apr-util @1.2.7_0 (active)
bison @2.2_0 (active)
db4 @4.3.29_0+darwin_8 (active)
expat @2.0.0_1 (active)
libiconv @1.10_1+darwin_8 (active)
neon @0.25.5_0 (active)
openssl @0.9.8b_0+darwin_8 (active)
postgresql8 @8.1.3_0+darwin_8 (active)
py-mx @2.0.5_1 (active)
py-psycopg @1.1.21_0+darwin_8 (active)
python24 @2.4.3_1+darwin_8 (active)
readline @5.1.004_0 (active)
subversion @1.3.2_0 (active)
zlib @1.2.3_0 (active)

Cool, huh?

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