Migrating the Seattle XCoders

For all two of you who are interested in Mac programming and don’t go to the XCoders meetings here in Seatle, we’re moving that setup. Andrew Carter is donating some hosting, and the site is up and running:


Included with the site is mailing lists (ala Mailman) – http://lists.seattlexcoders.org/mailman/listinfo. And in the near future, hopefully we’ll see a little subversion and Trac action as well.

For those curious, the driving factor was wanting a subversion repository to support group projects. The followup was a general disliking of the Yahoo Groups privacy rules by a few members – and the ever changing mailing list ads and crap. With our own list, no ads. Nice, eh?

Anyway, if you’re in to Mac programming – come join the site and get involved.

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