damnit, i’m going to dinner

I’ve been hammering away at a technical problem that’s been gnawing at me, and I’m just not getting it solved. In the process, I’ve found out that one of the services that runs on my box responds to http://localhost:8000, but not http://cwch.local:8000 (the machine’s name is cwch). On a mac with ZeroConf, aren’t those supposed to talk to the same place? Christ.

And too boot, what appears to be a perfectly valid RSS feed isn’t showing up in NetNewsWire, and it’s driving me nuts. I’m beginning to suspect the feed is actually fine, and it’s some quirky thing about accessing the feed from localhost or something.

Argh! All this, and it’s nearly midnight and I never got out to dinner. I had some vague plans of having sushi tonight, but I suspect that’s hosed. Or at least, I wouldn’t want to eat what’s being served at the very tail end of the night – even if the places were open.

The 5 Spot has a decent late night nosh menu though. Maybe dinner there.

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2 thoughts on “damnit, i’m going to dinner

  1. i suspect that’s exactly the case. I need to change how I’m running it to a standard mechanism that binds from all IP addresses on the machine and just resolve this once and for all.

    lightttpd+FCGI, here I come…


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