pulling mutant dandelions and other daily to-do’s

I didn’t cut the grass (which desperately needs it), but i did pull some mutant dandelions (also known as cat’s ear or false dandelions). Those suckers are really invasive, and worse – they crowd out all the surrounding vegetation (aka grass) if you leave them alone. There’s a few verges around here that are nothing but cat’s ear – and if you pulled them all, they’d be nothing but dirt poked with holes.

The only downside is that it was a little hard on the hand, and I started bleeding a bit from my stitches. I took that as a sign that perhaps I was screwing up, and stopped. Seemed like a good excuse to water the garden and such, so I switched to that for a while.

You know, it’s getting downright hot in Seattle – I think it was hitting 80 out there today. It’s about 5pm, which is near our “peak heat” time for summer days and the house is still reasonably cool inside (74), so I’m feeling pretty good about it all. The patio flagstones were getting pretty hot on the bare feet though. Fortunately, I had a hose… (none of that watering can stuff for me!)

Karen gets back in about 3 hours, which means she’s probably in flight now. It’ll be nice to have her back in town.

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