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Nathan, Leah, Karen and I took in a little lunch at Goldberg’s deli over in Factoria today – you know, air conditioning and all that. We had a great time with Jaki, our server, and gave her a really nice recommendation card.

Well, she liked it so much that she gave us a recommendation card back! And what’s the fun of that if you can’t share it:

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2 thoughts on “customer rating

  1. Joe was entitled to a side vegetable, so Jaki asked enticingly “Would you like the *roasted* asparagus or…” she continued in a suddenly sullen, depressed, whiney little voice “…the steamed carrots”? Joe picked the asparagus and she complimented him on his excellent choice.


  2. I wonder how well customers would fare if there were rating cards for wait staff to fill out?

    Or the tech/repairman who comes by your house to fix . (thinking of the whole comcast thing)

    I recall when I left Germany that they told us to have soda or beer to offer the movers when they came. And sure enough, they did a whiz-bang job. Fast, efficient. I gave them the beer. ;-P


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