busy weekend

Monday evening wearing down, and I’m looking back thinking “Wow – that was a busy weekend!”

Saturday is mostly just a blur, but I do recall seeing Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man’s Chest at the Lincoln Theatre over in Bellevue. I liked the movie, but I’ve got to say – it wasn’t as good as the first. It really felt like a middle movie, and while it had some really great action scenes in it, the fight scene near the end of the flick didn’t really seem to know what it was, except maybe gratitous. It just went on so long that it really lost a lot of it’s definition. In the end, I could really tell that it was the middle movie. It wrapped up decently, but it was still clearly a placeholder through to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Sunday we had our Fourth of July inaugural patio party. And yes, I know it wasn’t the fourth. We’d originally planned it for the 4th, but I was sick and other complications arose for friends, so we put it off. It was the excuse to pull the furniture we had in the basement for two years out and actually use it – as well as get Rusty (a friend from Kansas who recently moved into the area) and Gina introduced to some of our friends. It was a tremendously successful BarBQ, and at 5:30pm I was actually pretty wiped out.

So I’d more or less forgotten that Bryan Roesslet and Randy Wiemer from MU would be in the area (Bellevue, specifically) for a Microsoft Higher Education conference. They called about 7:30pm, and we took off running again. Bryan’s never been to the pacific northwest, so I was determined that he get to see a little of the place. We dragged Randy and Bryan to Ray’s Cafe over in Ballard and had a nice dinner, caught up a bit. Sounds like central IT at MU is still (and not suprisingly) central IT at MU. I’m going to catch up with Bryan some more on Wednesday evening, and I believe that Gus is heading out to the east cascade with Randy and a friend of Randy’s from Portland for a little hiking before he heads back next weekend.

(I finally found a picture of Bryan with his son Owen from (I think) a vacation this summer…)

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