Krugle is out of beta

Somewhere along the line, Krugle moved from a private beta to being “available out there!” It’s a neat idea that I’ve long hoped for – a search engine focused on finding code.

I keep hoping that the top result for “django” will be something in the django subversion respository, but they do at least point to the project under their “Tech Pages” tab. Their relevance mechanism seems a bit skewed towards java, but that can’t be too surprising since there’s probably more java code out there than python.

They have a nice interface that they clearly have put a LOT of work into. Tab based, very slick, and works nicely under Safari (sometimes that is no mean trick!) And of course its cool that their using Lucene and Nutch under the covers to make their stuff work.

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2 thoughts on “Krugle is out of beta

  1. Hey – we love django at Krugle! Yeah – we missed it in our last crawl (egg on face – thought it was at the django sourceforge site) but rest assured it will be in our next crawl – it’s already been grabbed and is being indexed as I type. An did you notice our project information search? It pulls up django project info – but not source (yet).

    And thanks for the nice words about our interface. We did labor long and hard on it, with lots of refinements from our valued beta users. And we did break some fingernails getting Safari to work – lots of OSX users here so you can always expect good Mac support on Krugle.

    Definitely let us know about other juicy tidbits we missed or stuff you think a search should turn up and we’ll make sure it gets attention. We’re very feedback oriented, so let us know.


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