one of those crazy assed days

It’s been one of those crazy assed days, you know? Last minute appointments and tasks rolling in, I’m getting set to head to OSCON 2006 next week, and trying to keep up with everything while this is all happening. Add to that I think Karen’s getting sick, and there is general chaos around the house.

Just one of those days where I don’t seem to even get 30 minutes on a single task before I’m off and having to deal with something else. It’s really been a while since I was running in this “interupt driven” mode… not sure I really like it, either.

Ah well. I may also be moving my desk when in Portland, so I need to make sure my office isn’t the usual splash of papers and crap all over the place. Yeah, I still definitely “spread out” when I’m working, surrounding myself with notes, manuals, keyboard, monitor, and scribble places.

Now it’s 4pm, and the day has ripped by in an awesome blur. What the hell happnened to it, anyway?

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