Headin’ to OSCON

Been getting myself together to head to Portland next week – I’m off to the OReilly Open Source Convention. Looks like there’ll be a pile of really interesting sessions, and I’m really looking forward to a number of them.

I haven’t even figured out my “schedule” yet – choosing between sessions is going to be tough, there’s no doubt.

I’ll be taking the train down to Portland as well, which is always a nice ride. Amtrack may have blown it for passenger travel in a lot of places, but the route from Seattle down to Portland is a perfect run. It’s longer than it would take by car, but not too much – and it’s WAY more relaxing. Top that off with not having to pay for (or find) parking when I’m down there.. I do miss the trains from Europe – boy, they had their shit together there.

Yeah, so – OSCON next week. My infrequent posts will get a little more infrequent I expect – unless I suddenly have a desire to post something that I’ve spotted or found. More likely i’ll be shoving in a huge number of new bookmarks into my delicious account.
heh, my top tags there are interesting:

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4 thoughts on “Headin’ to OSCON

  1. Shoot, I wish I had thought about taking the train down. I’m driving down. Maybe it’s not too late to look into a ticket for Sunday night. I’m looking at $18/day for parking at the hotel and that might equal out to a train ticket. Either one I get to expense.


  2. I don’t know about late-grabbed tickets, but I got my round trip for $52. Three days of parking down there, and you’ve got it nailed. Course, if you can expense either, it’s probably not worth doing any last minute trickery to make it happen.


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