95 and no A/C

Today has a very high percentage of being a difficult day. The forecast is for a high between 85 and 95 and the difficult part – it didn’t get much below 75 last night. We rely on the cool-down at night to draw in cold air and cool the house to make it through the next day on days like these. We got it down to 78 inside last night. That was the best that we got.. yowsa.

Tonight they’re saying the low will be back down in the 50-60 range, so at least I should be able to sleep tonight. Ironically, when it gets too warm – I can’t sleep at night. Drop me in a warn sunny afternoon and I’m out like a light. What’s that about?

For Missouri, this would feel pretty nice. Most folks in Missouri have air conditioning though. Hmmm. A few more years of this and I’ll be arguing to finish off some of the basement so we may retreat when nessecary.

So now the plan for the day? Uh, dunno. No plan really. Watered the lawn, need to eat, and I’ve got all the solar reflectors set (i.e. blinds and curtains) to stave off the worst of today. It’s almost too bad it is a saturday. Work has AC. Except on saturday…

Update: By the end of the day today, it had cranked up inside the house to 85 degrees. At 10:30pm, we’re down to 83 and the faintest signs of the sunset are all gone. Hopefully the cool air will kick in tonight, because it sure didn’t do crap last night.

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