There was some recent theorizing that the next Omni-Thingy would be a project tracking tool of some sort. I guess it was on, because they let the cat out of the bag today: OmniPlan.

One of the guys in our XCoders group had worked at Omni for a while, but declined forever to even give us hints. SInce they announced it, I asked – and yep, this is what he was working on. Which means they’ve been hammering away at this baby for nearly a year at my guess. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with it – were they’ll take the interface and how it’ll all plug together.

While I’ve written off OmniWeb (I bought a license ages ago, but I’m not bothering with the upgrade – Safari, Firefox and Camino keep me covered). I’m completely enthralled and in love with OmniGraffle.

Speaking of which – Gruber? The rails app you mentioned at sprung a leak… Looks good from the Google cache too.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what comes of OmniPlan.

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