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I spent the morning in the Django tutorial, and get a decent bit from it. I’ve been using Django for the past 6 months, but I hadn’t ever moved from the 0.91 release – so it was a nice overview of “what’s ahead” for me. The absolutely best part, however, was getting to talk briefly with Jacob after the session and get into some niggling details about the upcoming 0.95 release and get some “what do you think the best way to…” questions out of the way. Subclassing, extending the auth.user model, and one2one relationships all tied up in the details.

I don’t really have anything to report from there, except to say I hadn’t spotted or noticed the DJANGO_AUTH_PROFILE setting and get_profile() previously. Going to have to do some serious reading and fiddling to determine if that’s what I’d like to use going forward.

Now I’m about to head into MySQL 5.1 In Depth. I’m really looking forward to it, because I never really paid much attention to the details since version 3 – read a few articles, but I haven’t really been fully informed as to the hows and whyfores for MySQL for a while. Heh – like a huge number of folks, I just used it like a black box, and for the light loads I through at it, it performed nicely and did what I needed and expected.

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