the temp finally broke

For the record, the Red Lion Inn’s air conditioning sucks. At least when they’re sold out and having record temperature’s in Portland. After two days of 100 degrees, the temp finally broke last night. It was far, far cooler to open the window (and more noisy) to get the cool air from outside as opposed to the tepid nasty air conditioning that was blowing in the room.

But this morning the temp broke and it was a cool (70’s), overcast walk to the convention center, which was an incredible relief.

While munching on a little breakfast, I ran into Billy Thompson – whom I haven’t seen since I fled Coco Communications. He’s at CarDomain now and seems to be liking it pretty well. And I caught up with Scoot Koon from the Fred Hutch center, who reported he had a good BOF session last night regarding open source in health care.

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