oscon 2006 keynotes, day 2

So far the keynotes today have really tweaked me out. Simon Phipps was the first. He seemed to be talking about open data to some extent (a common theme around here), but he kept saying things that made me think “Oh yeah, he definitely works for Sun”. His talk was a series of “koans”, one of which was “controlling the community without control”.

I can understand the desire for a company to control. That’s what they’re good at – or at least that’s what they think they’re good at. But when you open source something, I rather think that by definition you give up a great deal of control. It struck me as so very “Sun” that he was seemed hung up on this issue of control.

The second keynote this morning is Lang from Autodesk, who keeps talking about turning “8 figure” software into open source. But then he describes the community as “being on it’s board”. He also made a snarky comment about how the macs didn’t have an open source software. No – not at all. Not like Adium or Fire, not like practically freakin’ everything in OpenDarwin ports. Dork. I was actually pretty interested in the OpenGIS thing that he was pimping a bit, but hearing him talk is a real turn off.

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3 thoughts on “oscon 2006 keynotes, day 2

  1. Actually, my hang-up is on making sure that people /don’t/ control the community. I want to make sure that open source communities in which I participate promote freedom and prevent lock-in and control. Sorry I wasn’t clear. And that was only a fraction of the talk…


  2. It was just a portion of the talk, agreed – but it still came across to me as an issue of control. And of course I’m talking about the 1 of 5 koans that I thought was quirky.


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