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Just attended a great little talk on Python in Mozilla that really has me intrigued. It’ll be a while before it is fully available, but it makes it possible to plug in python components into Mozilla based apps – including writing your own “whole kit” with the XUL runner set. Seems like it is definitely not for the faint of heart, but the potential for the reach is really high.

Now I’m hanging in the python 3000 talk (Guido’s “what’s coming next” talk) which is giving an interesting overview of what’s going to be happening in python 3. There’s some fundamental changes that are coming down the pipe that will make the list/iterator interfaces a little tricky to pull forward, but ultimately looks like it’ll be nicer and more efficient. The current theory to help deal with this is a pychecker like tool to do some static analysis to warn you that you’ve got doomed code. Guido’s got what I think is a nice set of “in general:”

Won’t make arbitrary and confusing changes

Won’t change the look and feel of the language too much

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