my WWDC predictions

What? Oh hell – I don’t have any.

Okay, I can make the obvious ones – like they’ll show off leopard (some prediction, it’s only been announced…) and they’ll take the “oh, we didn’t actually mean to release it” DashCode (which is kinda neat – it was on my install DVD…)

I’m looking forward to seeing what Jens and Eric will be talking about. I’m looking forward to getting VMWare on my Mac (yeah, I’m waiting for VMWare specifically…), but I don’t expect to see anything brilliant at WWDC about it. And no, I’m not betting against Gus – because then I’d probably just owe him even MORE beer or something.

I suspect Paul is overly concerned in his fears about what Virtualization will do to the platform, I’m a little more with Daniel in his opinions. Of course, what I want it for is to run a light linux system to check through my own release processes… Yeah, I’ll get a copy of Windows on there somewhere, but frankly, that’s not as important to me. Karen on the other hand… she’s really excited about it – but at this point I think she’d be just as happy with Boot Camp.

I’m curious to see how many people bring Michael-cards to the gig. That could be really funny if worked right… I have these visions of confused-michael cards being raised in tandem at a session or two…

Ah – so that’s it for my predictions. I’m mostly just looking forward to getting back to WWDC!

UPDATE: looks like we’ll definitely hear something from VMWare at WWDC.

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2 thoughts on “my WWDC predictions

  1. How great would that be – when the next minor tweak to the Finder is unveiled, everyone in the audience holds up a big card of my confused face, in a sea of silent disbelief. That’d almost be better than being there myself!


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