Tuesday night and I bailed out of the parties tonight. Gus was planning on taking an early evening, but since he’s not back yet, I’m guessing he changed his mind. Heh. Last night we were out pretty late with Buzz’s weblogger dinner (hosted by NewsGator!!!)

I installed the Leopard developer preview to get a look, and the features are indeed really interesting. It’s clearly not fully baked, but I wouldn’t quite expect it to be with a spring 2007 release date as announced. It is way usable though, and I’m really rather tempted to drive it quite a bit and see how it goes.

The sessions have been excellent, although the size of the event is clearly straining some things. We’re all being pretty heavily hurded about since there’s just so darn many of us, and the really popular sessions are quickly going standing room only. Network access has been intermittent, but mostly reliable (except where you wouldn’t expect it – like a room with 700 folks in there at once). I didn’t take the laptop with me to the sessions today, just to give it a break from being hauled all over. I did take the moleskine and a pen though I didn’t end up taking all that many notes.

There’s a pretty hefty contingent of the XCoders here, so we’ve been checking in and sharing details about sessions between us.

Well, enough for tonight – since I can’t really share any good juicy bits anyway.

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