WWDC fini

It’s the end of WWDC, and I’ve made it back to Paul’s place, taken some aspirin, and am starting to chill for a bit. The conference has been good, the people great, and I got everything I wanted from it. I’m now also completely exhausted and ready for some quiet. And maybe a little less drinking in the evenings.

The sessions were way more packed than previous years, and the “herding” was getting a bit annoying by the end of the conference. It also ended a little earlier than I recall (1pm on Friday?) – I wouldn’t have minded a little more stretched out and smaller setup. Still, it was good information overall, and the Leopard preview will be giving me things to fiddle with and think about for months coming.

Not sure what the airport will hold for us tomorrow, that’s something I’m not looking forward to. But at least I’m going to have it better than those poor folks doing the international travel.

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