The pacific northwest is good for MacOS X

Maybe it’s the weather, or the water, or .. hell, I dunno. But I think Chris has it pretty nailed when he called out the huge number of indie and professional mac programmers in the Seattle area in his WWDC decompression post.

Reflecting back on the week, now that I’ve had a little more sleep, a touch of coffee, and no alcohol for a few days – there is a fair bit that stands out from the WWDC information. Time machine and Core Animation are clearly going to be the two big gorillas in the cage making their presence known. The 64bit all-the-way through support is in many respects a whole OS upgrade in and of itself.

The reality behind the brief mention of code refactoring support in XCode is nice, and hopefully will get even better. A lot of Mac coders I talked to briefly hadn’t worked with refactoring support – so I rather hope it will become another in the secret-weapon productivity arsenal that you get when programming on MacOS X. There are some new libraries that I think will also fit into the “secret weapons” category that aren’t mentioned on Apple’s Leopard site, so I’ll have to keep otherwise mum about them.

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