The Peace War, by Vernor Vinge

I hadn’t read much of anything by Vernor Vinge until just recently, but man – I’ve sure been hearing the name about. When I was last in Queen Anne Avenue Books, I just went ahead and picked up a few titles.

I’ve just finished The Peace War. He’s quite an exceptional writer – at least by judging off this novel. Very engaging with characters that have a nice arc, a flip or two of science and the social implications – a very well rounded piece.

For the next one, I have a copy of Rainbow’s End waiting for me to spend some quality time with it. I think it’ll be a little bit, because his books are engaging enough to not really want to put down once you start – a dangerous thing for weekday evening.

If you haven’t checked him out (and you enjoy SciFi), he’s worth a read.

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2 thoughts on “The Peace War, by Vernor Vinge

  1. I just finished reading Peace War myself. I found it exemplary of SciFi in the purest Asimovian tradition—filled with wonderfully stimulating scientific ideas, but also filled with characters that are flat, one-dimensional, and unbelievable =).

    Still, it was an interesting read, and it does really make you think.


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