Two good articles out there tonight.

The first – a Wired article entitled Rebuilding Microsoft. It is a well written, and I think accurate (from the outside, of course) assessment of what Microsoft is and where it’s going. Right now, Microsoft is in that “pretty screwed” position of having their oil tanker sort of stuck cross-wise in a river. I have a deep suspicious that if anyone can unjam that mess, it’s going to be Ozzie – and while I haven’t a clue where they’ll be in 5 years, I think it’s definitely worth watching.

The other is entitled Google Puts Lid on New Products – but I think it would be better entitled “Let’s see how Google does when it has to get real…” or “The test begins”. I’ve got a number of friends (some of whom read this blog, I’m sure) working at Google. Most of them love it, but from an outsiders position (again), I suspect they’re gotten “too big” and are beginning to really see the impacts of their massive growth. Ironically, that “yeah, Google’s too big, they’re stumbling” was the topic of more than one beer/evening conversation at WWDC of all places.

The wired article is much longer

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