And the rain came down…

It’s the first really big rain of the “winter” season here – it’s been steadily dumping for over 24 hours now, and it should continue to dump through tomorrow at least. According to the specs, we’ve had over 3 inches so far, as the grand pineapple express has slammed into the mountains and stalled. The more inland areas are actually having to deal with flooding and a number of the slopes around here are doing that “Hey, we’re mud – let’s think about sliding” sort of thing.

Karen and I spent a fair bit of this morning standing out in the rain – and let me tell you – that’s pretty darn wearing. When we got home, I just sacked out on the couch for two hours, and even now I’m pretty darned sleepy and I suspect not long for the evening.

So far our basement hasn’t flooded – I even saved a worm that wandered in under the back basement door. It wouldn’t surprise me if we had some water by the end of the day tomorrow though. It’s just one of those heavy times that we use as an excuse to wash our basement floors…

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