Django book – chapters 5 and 6 now available

Two more chapters are live on DjangoBook:

Chapter 5: Interacting with a database: Models


Chapter 6: The Django admin site

The comment system is interesting, and I think it’s great for the authors – but while it’s cool, I’m honestly not a huge fan of it. One of the best things about the comment set to my mind is getting the collaborative effects inline with the document – frankly, available right then and there. To be clear – visible on a print-out. Yeah, I print it out. Sorry – paper kicks even the best display’s ass for contrast and flexibility of purpose.

A friend pointed me towards Rob Flickenger’s latest gig – HackerFriendly, which is actively working on this really cool product that drives a publication from a wiki. I saw a copy of their latest new book (How to accelerate your internet at MindCamp, which Rob told me was published for $10 a copy on demand. Now take a look at the pdf of the content. That’s some excellent stuff in there. It was developed for the NGO’s, but that is some seriously good technical documentation in there. (They have another – Wireless Networking in the Developing World from back in January that looks equally compelling).

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One thought on “Django book – chapters 5 and 6 now available

  1. Hey Joe —

    Good point about the notes not being present on a printout. I wonder if I could hack on the print stylesheet to produce a version with annotations in the margins… or maybe a PDF version…

    Either way, cool idea, and I’ll see if I can make it work.


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