while I’ve been sleeping…

While I’ve been sleeping, it’s clearly been a good day for Tech News…

Sun announced open sourcing java, a move that will have slow (I think) implications – if any at all at this point. I honestly wonder if they didn’t wait too long for that move – the software is in many circles being considered the “new cobol” – something you can get a good paying job doing, but which isn’t very interesting. My own opinion is that java became excessively and overly complex with its crazed “NIH” api replication sets. I’m a real freak for essential simplicity, and Java just isn’t that anymore. Not that it couldn’t be again, but it’s so far down the road of complexity that I think other languages are going to move in and ultimately kick it’s ass for the “run anywhere” model.

There’s a good general article on the topic at OReilly Radar by Allison Randal. Strangely enough, I heard a news story about it on NPR that so horrifically oversimplified the issues as to make the story sort of non-news.

In different news, I predict a rough, rough future for Universal Music and all its holdings. The CEO is clearly an idiot (at least based on this article about music players, and some folks are getting seriously pissed off at it. Rightfully so – actually. It’s the mentality of this tiny-brained amoeba that leads people to steal music. (I tried to find a better link, but Universal Music’s site kind of sucks – but I wouldn’t really expect anything else based on the prevailing attitude from the top.)

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