Finally! Another co-op game on XBox

I feared that the Halo series would be the only real co-op game on the XBox, but this past weekend at MindCamp I realized that Gears of War fits into that category! (Don’t bother with the official Gears of War website, because it is complete marketing shit – the IGN site linked at the top has much better detail on the game.)

Now I’ve gone and annoyed Karen by purchasing it, under my fine theory that I’d make sure to have it around the next time Dan was in town. Apparently I’m to withhold from whimsically purchasing things now that we’re “near christmas”. Frankly, I thought I was safe from that prior to Thanksgiving, but apparently not. A new meaning for caveat emptor!

The game is pretty cool, although I haven’t played it all that much as yet. I’m looking forward to wasting some nights (at some point in the future – probably not this Thanksgiving or Christmas) with Dan with it.

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2 thoughts on “Finally! Another co-op game on XBox

  1. Mine’s Rhonabwy, but I don’t know how much I’ll be on there for the next few weeks. I’ll send you a ping if I get bug-crazy and need to do a little online gaming.

    Any idea if you can do a co-op game with someone else on XBox Live?


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