Dahlia Lounge

Karen and I hadn’t seen Dave in something like 5 1/2 years. Yeah – like six months before Karen moved out here to Seattle with me. So we finally hooked up – he was in town for a business trip (he’s currently living in that other Washington – DC). So we embarked on a “damn fine dinner”, which took us to the Dahlia Lounge.

Karen had actually made reservations at both Wild Ginger and the Dahlia Lounge, and as it turned out, we handed one of those reservations over to some of his team that was in town for the meeting with him.

We’d never been to Dahlia Lounge, and yep – It’s really as good as it looks. We had a great dinner – something like 3 hours there. Takes a while to catch up with old college friends, you know? Fantastic place. You’ll spend some money going there, but it is entirely worth it.

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