Oh lordy…

I’m flying down to North Hollywood (that’s “noho” in the current gig’s parlance) tomorrow – and the implications for what that means tonight have just wandered home. I’ll be having a taxi pick me up at 5am for the 7am flight. Oh boy…

I haven’t been getting to sleep earlier than 1am or 1:30am lately. Tomorrow may be a very, very long day.

Update: For the record, driving to LAX from North Hollywood at 3:30pm does, indeed, suck. I was fortunate enough to at least come in through the Burbank (Bob Hope International) airport.

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One thought on “Oh lordy…

  1. Oh but wait, it gets better when you think about it. You’ll be getting into LAX (I’m assuming that’s where you are flying into) at what 9AM? 8:30AM? So that means you get to taxi to NoHo at rush hour. wheeeeee! Not to mention the lines from all the other commuter flights getting in at the same time.

    Just another little ray of sunshine. 🙂


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