bitter wind

It’s been a long while since I’ve been in anything I’d describe as bitter wind. Tonight resets the clock. The wind outside isn’t really howling, but it’s pretty damn cold and with a lot more humidity in it than you’d expect at this temperature, making it a hell of a bite.

I caught on of the last “evening” bus routes up the hill. Around 5pm tonight, they made a whole bunch of busses turn around at the base of Queen Anne and not try the hill. I just saw a #4 go by though, so they’ve clearly restarted the set at some point. Even getting up to the top, there was still the walk home – and I only had the hood on my raincoat.

Tomorrow, if I go out, it will include a wool cap. That russian one that Karen brought home from Moscow all those years ago. They know how to make warm hats! And a heavier jacket. (Although I was wearing a wool sweater, so it wasn’t all that bad – the rain coat is good for cutting the wind). I’m frankly thinking about how I could work from home tomorrow – it’s going to be darned chilly, and I’m not sure I want to mess with ice seeing how I’m at the top of a 425′ hill.

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