Ignite Seattle

Well, Ignite Seattle was a lot of fun. It completely overwhelmed the space that was reserved for it – clearly it was something who’s time was due. I think the second and third (there will hopefully be more) will be a little less packed as the newness wears off. The first one is always “there may never be another!” sort of frenzied.

The popsicle stick bridge building contest was neat – Karen and I came in just as they were starting judging it (we ate dinner first at Crave, just above CHAC – where we were hosted tonight). It definitely got everyone sort of in tune with the evening and how things would roll.

The “lightning talks” where a huge mixture that was really great to see. One of the best things from MindCamp, and I think the talks there were every bit as compelling, and it was really fun to see a forced time slide show set like that. Brian Akers was hilarious in his talk on Asterisk.

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