I’m a bit of a pack rat – definitely lean towards the “hoard everything” tendency. And you know what? It’s damn hard to get rid of stuff. Making space for Christmas trees, Karen and I finally decided to get rid of the futon. Not just shove it in her studio, or down in the basement, but actually get rid of it. I found it surprisingly hard, and I can’t even give a reasonable explanation as to why.

But it’s gone now, and the space in the living room is really, really nice to have. True to my pack rat hind brain, I kept the frame (it’s good poplar!) and at some point I’ll disassemble it down to it’s component wood parts. (There’s lots of nice clean wood in it)

Next on the household demolition list is probably the entertainment armoire. It’s a decent piece of furniture, but it’s shoved into a nook that it doesn’t completely take up, and I’d really like to have the entire space of that area available. No particular reason really. It would be nice to have some builtins in that nook instead of what’s there now.

Karen’s advocating for a fireplace insert thingy of some sort, which I know she’d really like – but it’s my turn for something neat in the house and that doesn’t include a fireplace that would absorb all the improvement budget I have to spend on that area.

And no – it’s not french doors from the dining room onto the top of the garage/patio area either. Karen can choose between that and a fireplace in another year or two.

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