when the hell did postfix get so damn complex?

And yeah, before you get all snarky about the venerable sendmail monsters, I should point out that I configured plenty of ’em.

I spent part of the weekend doing a little mail server install. You know, all the basics – postfix, courier-imap, etc. But man, I gotta tell you – it’s been a while. Postfix has added a slew of features since I last looked, and I’m doing a more complex install than I have in the past. There’s a lot of great details out there, but the sheer volume of things to choose through, figure out, and decide upon is just completely huge. Almost overwhelmingly so.

I’ve got nice virtual domain auths running, you can check you mail, all that good stuff. But getting authenticated SMTP relaying is still a bit beyond what I’ve nailed down. I need to just read the darn docs thoroughly on those sections – no “howto in 5 minutes” is going to give it to me in a fashion that I suspect I’ll want to use. But in the mean time, I’ll take a few moments to whine here about mail systems setup.

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