TrenchMice is live!

I’m sure some of you have heard me talk about TrenchMice – a project that has been underway for more than a year focused on reputation and rating. Well, TrenchMice is live as of last Friday.

The site is the brain child of John DeRosa, one of the founders of Singingfish and a good friend of mine. It’s meant to provide a forum and rating mechanism to really tease out the soft data associated with employers – the good and the less than optimal. To really achieve that goal, however, it needs people (you, hopefully) and their thoughts.

Take a second and take a look at the site, check it out, register for a free account, and maybe give some mad props to your favorite company or boss.

It’s also worth noting that the TrenchMice staff have a blog at, and today they posted up some thoughts on the site and privacy – always something of an issue with reputation. When I talked with John the other day, he said that more posts of different topics and ideas would be coming.

Update: And it’s all done with the Django web framework.

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5 thoughts on “TrenchMice is live!

  1. Uh, I think you’re incorrect. I don’t know who G3B is and what his beef is aside with John, but I know John’s been working on this in the background since way back to 2004. Shoot – we’d talked about it way back in 2004 when I was thinking of heading on to new pastures from an uncomfortable job.


  2. Certainly seems a shame to see two people who’ve given thought to a similar idea to not get along. Either this guy is a big whiner or DeRosa wasn’t too ethical. Seems like a little of both is true…


  3. I’ve never know John not to be extrodianarily ethical. To a fault at times. I don’t know G3B, but he doesn’t even really seem to be whining. Similiar idea, didn’t execute on it, and didn’t strike it off to do any sort of collaboration.

    What’s your interest and how are you related to John or G3B? As far as I can see, your comments are just so much un-grounded accusations against both of these guys.


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