That’s what I’m in today. I woke up humming, whistling, and improvising (much to Karen’s amusement) on the standard christmas tunes fare. And some time around 1pm my brain hit a patch of black ice mentally and I’ve been spinning since. The holidaze.

About 3 weeks ago, I was looking forward to days like this – fairly quite, I could focus down without interruption and really get some good stuff done. I believe I simply failed (most likely for the umpteenth time) to realize that I would be dragging as much as everyone else with the inevitable crush of holiday to-do’s, running about, and “is that mailed off yet”.

We’re really doing fine – especially compared to some of the folks not even 30 minutes from our house – the ones that aren’t likely to have power until after Christmas. One of my coworkers lives at 2000 feet in the foothills of the cascades. They have a generator, but they also have a neighbor that prefers not to hear it at 2am. Can’t say as I really blame him, but I’d run a generator if it was my heat source and it was 20 degrees outside too. (He’s more in a daze than I am)

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One thought on “Holidaze

  1. Speaking from experience, if you’re tired enough you can easily sleep through a generator.

    But then they were usually half buried and surrounded by sandbags and camo nets too.


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