Brent has tagged me (and Gus), so clearly I have to respond. If I understand the rules of this game, I need to spew five things which aren’t common knowledge about me.

1) I’ve gutted and cleaned a deer with a 2 1/2″ pocketknife. (Thank god it was sharp!)

2) I have seen and been around the ruins of every medieval castle in North Wales (ordinance survey maps are AWESOME)

3) The only class I ever got below a “C” grade was “French” (I got a “D”), which I took in the 7th grade. I followed that up by getting “A”‘s in Latin the next year. Go figure.

4) I’ve learned the hard way that welding project can quickly grow to the point where you can not physically move the project you’re working on. That led to immediately learning about cutting torches and grinder/cutting wheels. In my basement.

5) I really enjoy baking bread, but I hardly ever do it. I takes an almost entirely unclaimed saturday for me, and I seem to have to be wearing something dark to really make it worthwhile.

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